We could mention the services described on the right if we were also able to “build” your Website. Our offer also includes the management of fact everything you need to create your new Website.

We can manage for you:

  • Hosting your Website and your Domain (www.mydomin.it .com .eu and others)
  • Create for you the mail addresses you need, all of them associated to your Domain (name.surname@mydomin.it)
  • Chose your Website  thema based on and / or your Business you desires
  • Chose and build with you the Media shall appear inside your Website (logo, favicom, photos and videos)
  • Build and manage the site for you to also be read in other languages (Italian, English, German, French, Dutch and many other)
  • In case you already have your own website up, we can offer to you the maintenance of the same and in some cases rewrite it, with a interesting promotional proposals, taking the opportunity to “modernize” it at the latest standards