3D Prototyping Lab

We offer, in addition to the technological and design expertise, the prototyping service using the “Additive Manufacturing” technology most known as “3D Printing”. Technology that allows the production of manufacts with very low costs and time.

Avionic Radome (1993)

The technology we have been experimenting and used since the ’90s, here is a picture of our first 3D printing project, a mockup made with stereolithography technology for an avionic equipment.

Today, “3D Printing” technology does not only allow mockups for dimensional verification of an object from the early design stage, but also to make structural artefacts by choosing from a wide range of plastic and organic materials.

Items that can be used directly in the final product that is being realized and designed. Today, there is a wide range of materials for every need, both structural and aesthetic, with mechanical and color characteristics equivalent to the materials used in the production of components built with traditional technologies (thermoplastic injection).

We can only highlight the benefits of 3D Printing by listing the main advantages below:

    • Contained Costs for prototypes realization,
    • Construction of functional prototypes, or so-called “Mock ups” (model), which allow to carry out both evaluations and validations of the project under development, having the physical object in their own hands and consequently the possibility of assembly and other activities,
    • Construction of assembly equipment and production templates,
    • Wide choice of materials to be used (Mechanical Characteristics, Hardness of Materials, Color etc. etc.),
    • Very short prototype implementation times (1-3 days depending on weight),
    • No equipment’s and tools need for prototyping, consequently an improvement on changes management  in the early design phase and product engineering,
    • Competitive costs also for pre-series and for productions (avoiding any equipment, molds and more). Competitive Technologies for product quantities up to 400 ÷ 1000 pieces.

3D Printing technology nowadays has a wide range of materials both of fossil origin and of organic origin. In particular among the materials of fossil origin we can also find glass-filled compounds and loaded in Carbon Fiber. Allowing thus to keep products with excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics, example:

    • Nylon 30% FV
    • Nylon 30 Carbon Fiber
    • Peek


Example of assembly equipment to facilitate production operations:
Design Preprocessing Item Printed 3D


Video 3D Print Pre Process Simulation: